Use Learning Management Software for Instructor-Led Training

According to training experts, the best method of delivering knowledge to students are via Instructor-led training or ILT. The instructors can help learners to understand the minute details of any subject and provide assistance in comprehending difficult topics without hassles. However, conducting an instructor-led training session often becomes difficult due to geographical boundaries. In such circumstances, a Learning Management System can provide a reasonable solution.

A lot of corporate organizations are resorting to Learning Management Systems with ILT (instructor-led training) capabilities to conduct enterprise-oriented training sessions. With such a system, knowledge is delivered through study materials moderated by a teacher. Moreover, the teacher or the instructor can control the distribution of the study content to a number of remotely located learners simultaneously.

Such educational software with ILT capabilities empowers users to create instructor presentations and guidelines for students at the same time. The built-in features of the software help in conducting online tests to evaluate proficiency in skills of the learners. Besides, it also acts as an interactive learning tool, where students can learn new things through built-in games in the course module. Thus, increased interactivity makes learning an interesting experience.

The technology-aided system of learning with ILT capabilities is no different from a lecture or an interactive workshop. The only difference is that education through a Learning Management System is conducted via a virtual platform. Through video conferencing, students can listen to various demonstrative presentations, thus gaining first-hand experience about any subject. It facilitates the process of imparting training in the best possible manner.

An effective software system enables to maintain a constant and smooth communication between teachers and students. It encourages you to conduct an instructor-led training session, which is functional as well as productive. The interactive features of the software allows participants (both teachers and students) to provide feedback, take part in impromptu polls and conduct a Question & Answer (Q&A) session.

The user-friendly interface of the system assists teachers to work on content and modify the content delivery channels. It helps them to conveniently switch between them as and when required. Besides, instructors can also utilize videos, audio and other multimedia content during course delivery.

Organizations that require high-precision training solutions hire subject matter experts in order to prepare and modify study materials delivered online. Nowadays, instructor-led Training sessions through virtual platform is gaining momentum. Thus, Learning Management System with ILT capabilities is highly effective in delivering streamlined educational content to help students learn better.

Article Source: Jonathan Reynold

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