Top 7 Reasons to Use an iPad in the Classroom

Many schools, colleges, and universities are introducing iPads in classrooms. The reason being educational institutions have now understood the importance of using such a mobile gadget in the classroom. Students cannot carry a PC to the campus nor can access the internet all the time because of frequent failures of wireless signals. Besides, there are only a handful of learners carrying a laptop. The recent tablet /PCs are delicate to handle and also quite expensive.

From such a standpoint, iPads seem to be the ideal choice for schools. It is extremely handy, affordable and most importantly acts as a computer/ebook reader/internet tool that can do almost everything from video or sound editing to creating spreadsheets and emailing.

Let's have a look at the top 7 reasons to use an iPad in the classroom.

Personalized Learning

A student using an iPad can learn anytime, anyplace - at home, at work or while traveling to a friends' place. All classroom notes, useful learning materials, presentations, and lectures can be stored and accessed, 24x7 for nonstop learning.

Computer Networks

The problem of logging onto the internet can be solved once you start using an iPad. The mobile device can host applications and tools a learner needs, and provides immediate access to them, leading to no time wastage.


iPads are quite cost-effective, hence educational institutions can easily afford the gadget for every student. Moreover, it is portable enough to be carried to any place. Also, the device needs little maintenance and almost no technical support, as it is very easy to charge it.

Instant-on and All-day Battery

The switch on time for this device is practically negligible. Usually the battery runs for about 10 hours. Hence, students get a lot of time to use the device in the classroom. Learners as well as teachers can use the device throughout the day without having to charge it.


Students don't need to bring bunch of text books to school, as they get instant access to ebooks using the iPad. The gadget can also be used to find out word meanings. It also helps to do extensive research on the internet whilst attending classes.

Auto Save

The applications which run the iPad or Macbook can save files automatically, thus storing all learning content, images, and videos that is important for the learners.


According to industry experts, iPads can help to increase the motivation of K-12 students by constantly letting them stay in touch with their teacher. The mobile gadget provides an ideal platform to chat, discuss, and share learning materials with their group of peers.

Article Source: Jonathan Reynold

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