Get Real-Time Information - The Newest Trend in the Learning and Development Industry

The Learning and Development industry has evolved through dynamic changes in recent years. The increasing dependence on mobile devices has enabled learners to access information in real time. As a result, they can apply their new knowledge in practical fields immediately, rather than later. Thus, they can access relevant information as and when required which helps in making informed decisions.

The extensive use of mobile devices for the purpose of learning has maximized the return on investment on enterprise-oriented training. Unlike instructor-led or classroom based training solution, mobile-based learning and absorbing real time information is far more effective. Take a look to explore how the new process of learning is proving to be useful in various sectors.

Sales training

Since sales executives spend most of their time on field, they hardly have any time to take part in classroom based training sessions. However, with a Smartphone they can access courses or information snippets, anytime, anywhere. Following this process, training co-ordinators can facilitate reinforcement training for sales executives. Short snippets of training modules are transferred through mobile devices, which help learners to memorize it effortlessly. Moreover, such short snippets act as a refresher and help the sales executives to deliver their best while meeting up key clients of the organization. Furthermore, you can also assist the sales people by providing continuous updates on changing market trends.

Safety training

In recent years, Smartphone devices are being increasingly used for safety training. Electronics, machinery or chemical industries are essentially required to follow regulatory guidelines for providing a safe workplace. Safety training for employees using Smartphone's or closed circuit cameras at the workplace helps in reinforcing safety practices. Moreover, it also helps in constantly reminding them of various important things such as how to handle and operate a piece of machinery. With real time information and checklist sent through Smartphones, employees can be updated about safety norms and standards in the workplace. It is likely to reduce the chances of risk in such industrial sectors.

Product training

For product training, Smartphone based training procedure is gaining momentum. With wide accessibility of Smartphones, customers can now receive updates about the usage of any product, installation guide and others, directly sent to their Smartphone.

Additionally, it is also of great help to sales representatives who are trying to convince a prospective customer about a product's benefits. They can access just-in-time information via Smartphones, tablet PCs or through any means that works best in a given situation.

Thus, gathering real-time information via mobile devices has now become a trend. It helps learners to clarify anything and everything when in doubt and help them in making informed choices.

Article Source: Jonathan Reynold

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