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President Obama Called for a Strategy

A strong commitment to the development of alternative energy has been made by President Barack Obama. In a recent radio address, the President called for a strategy "that relies less on foreign oil and more on American made energy". These renewable energy sources, which include solar and wind power, will not only help wean the United States. from fossil fuels, but create thousands of new American jobs. Solar training of these workers will be an important part in expanding alternative energy sources.

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is a volunteer organization that is also committed to the continued development of renewable energy. It is comprised of members dedicated to this issue, including policy makers, educational organizations and clean energy industries. Its commitment includes the establishment of NABCEP certification standards of programs offered to those interested in this rapidly expanding field. 

The Fate of Our World

I was reading this article that was recommended to me by my daughter. The name of the article is "The Party's Over: Oil, War and The Fate of Industrial Society", written by Richard Heinberg. It really struck me because it made me realize how dependent on oil we are, especially here in Los Angeles, Calif. Oil is used to make plastic which is used to package our foods. Oil is used to transport our fresh foods that aren't packaged. The problem is that nonrenewable oil will run out! Not to mention that it is harmful to our environment.

We as humans think that we are different than other creatures on the earth but in reality, we are not. Heinberg states, "When other creatures gain an energy subsidy, they instinctively react by proliferating: their population goes through the well-studied stages of bloom, overshoot, and die off... [Humans] have reacted to the energy subsidy of fossil fuels exactly the way rats, fruit flies or bacteria respond to an abundant new food source." The world population is now past 7 billion (bloom), and oil is not getting easier to extract. 

Top 7 Reasons to Use an iPad in the Classroom

Many schools, colleges, and universities are introducing iPads in classrooms. The reason being educational institutions have now understood the importance of using such a mobile gadget in the classroom. Students cannot carry a PC to the campus nor can access the internet all the time because of frequent failures of wireless signals. Besides, there are only a handful of learners carrying a laptop. The recent tablet /PCs are delicate to handle and also quite expensive.

From such a standpoint, iPads seem to be the ideal choice for schools. It is extremely handy, affordable and most importantly acts as a computer/ebook reader/internet tool that can do almost everything from video or sound editing to creating spreadsheets and emailing.

Let's have a look at the top 7 reasons to use an iPad in the classroom.

Offender Led Workshops Work and It's That Simple

Communications do encounter boundaries on occasions and this is something we probably all accept as true. It does make sense, and it's logical that as we try to get information from one place [person] to another, things may well get in the way and this will slow down or stop that information exchange. So when we are aiming to communicate with [get information to] young people, it makes perfect sense to me and almost anyone that has worked with young people at risk of offending or ex-offenders, that the boundaries typically encountered will be overcome much more easily or even, in many cases, completely avoided, if the people giving that information are in a position to be listened to in the first place.

If a speaker, teacher or trainer is held by their class in a position of authority or is deemed knowledgeable on the subject they are delivering on, they will be listened to and heard more fully. 

Schools of the Future: Education, Evolution and What You Really Want For Your Children

Evolution of Education

We are constantly evolving both as individuals and as a species. Change is an intrinsic to evolution. The two just go hand in hand. The current educational model has served us in many ways.

So when we share that we would like to create an alternative educational model this often triggers the response 'Well, what is wrong with the current one?' That question itself is very revealing.

Educational Change

Humans change usually for one of two reasons. The first is that what exists is no longer satisfactory so we move away from it. In the second instance, change occurs because the vision of something greater pulls us into action.

Future Events

Having experienced the value of psychic transmission of messages from the wise souls who continue to assist us as teachers and guides, I am aware of the great privilege and responsibility entailed and of the great respect that is born in us when we come into contact with those of higher human stature than our own. I am therefore a little cautious and question the quality of the rash of 'spiritual transmissions' in our current mass media outlets.

I stumbled across Compte de Saint Germain's BLOG a few months ago and have now begun to assess various aspects of the messages that he has offered through a very reliable dedicated psychic channel known as Aruna. He attests to the quality and content of the messages in his name as being entirely his responsibility as he tries to convey spiritual realities through earthly means (with the usual accompanying risk of inaccuracies.)

How Far Has Smartphones Influenced Higher Education?

According to Nielsen, the leading US research firm, around 46% of people surveyed in Q4 2011 has been found to own a smartphone. Thus, with a majority of people having a smartphone, its influence is obviously reaching out to school and college campuses not only in USA, but across the world. Today, school and college goers are using a smartphone for a variety of purposes.

QR Codes

QR codes are square shaped images with black and white designs. They are used for several reasons such as: to create website links, store phone numbers, email ids, direction, and so on. Many universities are allowing their students to scan the QR codes using their smartphone cameras to be directed to the institute's website featuring a brief history of the campus area.

How a Training-Specific Analysis Should Be Conducted

Before conducting a corporate training session, organizations always focus on carrying out a training-specific analysis. The primary objective of conducting this analysis program is to identify and evaluate the gap between the expected and the current performance of its employees.

According to training co-coordinators, a performance analysis program is the first step towards a successful training program. It helps in indentifying the deficiencies therefore assists in designing training programs to cater to requirement of filling the gap between the actual and expected performance. The analysis program enables the training manager to determine the training objectives and plan a process flow as per the learners' requirement. Thus, they can design a training program, which is relevant to the company's workforce.

Get Real-Time Information - The Newest Trend in the Learning and Development Industry

The Learning and Development industry has evolved through dynamic changes in recent years. The increasing dependence on mobile devices has enabled learners to access information in real time. As a result, they can apply their new knowledge in practical fields immediately, rather than later. Thus, they can access relevant information as and when required which helps in making informed decisions.

The extensive use of mobile devices for the purpose of learning has maximized the return on investment on enterprise-oriented training. Unlike instructor-led or classroom based training solution, mobile-based learning and absorbing real time information is far more effective. Take a look to explore how the new process of learning is proving to be useful in various sectors.

Sales training

How Process Training Benefits the Sales Executives

Sales Process training is essentially organized to provide the sales team of an organization with new and updated industry-specific knowledge for selling. The process training session should be customized accordingly, so that it can align with the context of the organization, domain and market. However, providing sales training in the current Elearning environment is not that difficult. With it, the trainers can conduct training sessions, through a virtual platform. Unlike traditional classroom sessions, training materials is delivered through a user-friendly interface, which can be retrieved for reference as and when required.

In this article, we are going to discuss why and how the process training session benefits the sales team of an organization.

Focus on Organizational strategy

How Can You Attend a Course Anytime and From Anywhere?

From my real-life perspective, I have understood that there are millions of people who want to attend a presentation, meeting or class, but are unable to do so because of geographical constraints or time limits. They want to learn more or sharpen their business skill-sets, but do not find supportive environment to help them to fulfill their dreams. Since the last decade, the world has witnessed major technological changes. Nowadays, distance is no longer a barrier for a hands-on approach. Anyone anytime can do or learn online, defying time constraints and location boundaries.

Conducting classes or courses online has re-defined the way knowledge was traditionally imparted by our teachers. Classrooms exist even today, but the way of teaching and learning has changed. Technology is playing a tremendous role in bringing courses or training programs within easy reach disregarding the time and location barriers completely.

Use Learning Management Software for Instructor-Led Training

According to training experts, the best method of delivering knowledge to students are via Instructor-led training or ILT. The instructors can help learners to understand the minute details of any subject and provide assistance in comprehending difficult topics without hassles. However, conducting an instructor-led training session often becomes difficult due to geographical boundaries. In such circumstances, a Learning Management System can provide a reasonable solution.

A lot of corporate organizations are resorting to Learning Management Systems with ILT (instructor-led training) capabilities to conduct enterprise-oriented training sessions. With such a system, knowledge is delivered through study materials moderated by a teacher. Moreover, the teacher or the instructor can control the distribution of the study content to a number of remotely located learners simultaneously.

Trainings Are Now More Interesting With Learning Management Systems

Learning Management System is quite a common term in the education and training scenario these days. In a technology-driven training environment, the use of this software system has become a trend. Enterprises of all sizes are resorting to this system to impart training in a cost-effective and convenient manner. Besides providing necessary study materials, the software helps generate reports, tracks student progress, results, and so on. Training co-coordinators can reduce up to 50% of their back-office workload thus delivering training in a streamlined way.

Nowadays, employees no longer need to travel to attend training seminars, as participation can be from the comfort of their home. Thus, having a software platform is important, not only for the money it saves, but also for delivering quality product and convenience. 

Why Use Technology in Schools and Higher Education?

The world seems at an end without access to technology. Organizations in various cities and countries tend to increase their usage of technology to reinforce customer interaction, enhance brand value, and build up a strong business network. There is substantial evidence that a good number of schools and colleges in the U.S and in other countries worldwide are using technology to revive the teacher-student relationship.

The 2010-11 survey report released by the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth found "98 percent of higher ed institutions are on Facebook, and 84 percent are on Twitter".

Teachers find social media and mobile devices highly effective in fostering an improved learning atmosphere. They are playing a great role in engaging more students into active learning in classrooms whether live or virtual. 

What Should Be the Right Approach Towards Mobile Based Learning

If you thinking about implementing mobile-based training in your organization soon, you must focus on one fundamental question: What is the best-suited approach to instigate the mobile learning strategy? This is because, without a proper approach, it is difficult to achieve any productive results.

Ideally, there are three approaches towards mobile-based training, which we are going to discuss here. Take a look and decide which one caters to your requirements the best.

Push Learning: This is one of the popular approaches, when it comes to training the sales team. In this process the learning content and information is "pushed" to the learners, and they have little choice in terms of the content they receive. 

How Can You Use QR Codes for Teaching and Learning?

Before I go on to discuss the methods of using QR codes in the educational sector, let's quickly review what a QR code is in the first place. QR codes or Quick Response codes include a two-dimensional space to store texts or website URLs, accessing which certain information is generated. Previously, only businesses used such codes in their product labels, billboards, etc. for advertising or tracking purpose. But nowadays, we see a number of educational institutions using such codes for a variety of reason.

Many teachers/instructors are using codes in slide presentations to direct students to websites where the slide is actually given or where extra information can be found. In England, Andy Ramsden of Bath University tried to find ways to use QR codes in an academic environment. 

Learning Management Systems - Showing a New Way to Learning Methodology

Resorting to a Learning Management System helps enterprises to remain a step ahead in the present scenario of fast-paced learning. It helps enterprises to execute training via Elearning, which is quick and convenient. Amongst the different Elearning modes, Instructor Led Training, Game Based Learning and Mobile Learning are the most popular ones. Thus, traditional classroom based education has taken a step back in recent years.

What is important in the corporate world is keeping in pace with changing market trends and business strategies. Thus, employees need to be trained as per the situation demands. By installing a Learning Management System, you can make the necessary information and study materials available to the employees anywhere, anytime. Therefore, training programs become more interesting and fun.

Neuroscience and Learning

The concept of transformational learning is experience critically reflected to develop new insight and opportunities for change. By understanding how people think, rationalize, accept and disseminate information provides the teacher with the knowledge of how to take those experiences and facilitate the critical reflection so that the individual can develop changes in their perceptions of the knowledge they have.

Understanding how people retain memory, what key factors are related and how effective is the presentation material is essential in getting the message to the students. There are key factors associated with learning. Memory is a major part of the task. The emphasis on this is what factors we have to consider when presenting material. Are there key words or gestures that will cause the student to remember something they have learned? In addition, the factor of understanding how the brain works as far as what materials discussed in verbal and what should be presented in video, graphic or black board practice.

How to Scale Your Training Programs for Enhanced Learning?

Corporate enterprises worldwide host a lot of training programs to nurture the skills of their leaders and employees. With company rules and policies undergoing quick changes to meet the growing needs of the customers, you have no other choice but to organize series of training sessions. MNCs, as the name implies, don't have just one office but several offices scattered all over the globe. They need their staff to travel to the training site in order to participate. Even though this may not be an impossible task but definitely it is an expensive and time consuming one.

In such situations how about going for a software application that will help to conduct your training over the internet! You know it's very convenient to manage trainings online. Arrange a hassle-free, flexible session that all your prospective attendees will be encouraged to attend.

Why Should You Introduce Technology in Education?

There has being a lot of talk regarding why educational organizations should introduce technology in classrooms. This year, New York City's Department of Education plans to increase its technology expenses to $542 million for setting up internet connections and giving wireless access to all the city schools.

There is absolutely no reason to believe that the 'brick and mortar' classrooms didn't help students get the kind of education they deserved. Prior to technology, students still learnt and came through tests with flying colors. However, technology has brought in some significant benefits that even the most vocal critic can't disagree with.

I will share with you some crucial points in support of implementing technology in educational organizations. Let's figure them out.

Beyond Education - A Moment of Clarity

Just inside Yosemite National Park is a beautifully wild and scenic river. It is one of the few remaining rivers not dammed in California. For many years I had sought out the energy of running water. Recently I was beginning to suspect there might be a spiritual energy connected to how I felt. I was tapping into something for which I had no name. It enlivened my body, and I often felt an in-rushing of joy flow through me. I made pilgrimages to this river only minutes from my home. Transformation in the river's character is easy to see from season to season. In the spring it is a torrent of wild power, and as the days progress into summer the power turns to gentle tranquility. In the winter it lies quietly in dark, opaque pools. However, my own transformation was more difficult. My spiritual river ran underground.

In the presence of the power of the water, I did my school work, and journal writing, and tried to make sense of the movement in my life. 

E-Learning 2.0 - The Latest Technology in Education

Much has been written about technology being used in education - how the use of online applications is rapidly spreading out in traditional classrooms, etc. Before the advent of e-learning 2.0, teachers delivered learning materials and instructions via lectures and assignments. However, the new type of e-learning has brought forth the concepts of wikis, blogs, and social media, to name a few. Teachers in various district schools and colleges have started to explore the potentiality of social media and blogs to conduct classes and courses online.

Social Media

Use commercial social networking websites in schools and libraries to impart education easily and quickly. For example, you can create a profile page on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. to post and share information with large numbers of students and parents. 

Make Training Programs Productive With Learning Management System

Training programs are intended to offer new knowledge to learners, which can be used to deliver better results in terms of performance. However, most training programs cannot cope up with the changing trends in the Learning and Development industry. Thus, employees are unable to apply their knowledge in practicality as per demands. Today, training organizers are continuously looking for effective ways to make training programs productive and purposeful. So how can they achieve this?

Experts believe, that using an integrated Learning Management System can help in making an employee training program highly effective. How does it actually help in delivering knowledge in the best possible way? Take a look here.

Pre training scenario

Future Dream Concept Designing - Finish and Capture Before Waking Up or Writing it Down

Have you ever spent hours on end for days studying, researching, and thinking on a very complex topic? Then when you cannot think anymore, and your brain is tired you fall asleep, and somehow your brain figures out a solution to the problem, and you wake up in the middle of the night with the answer? This has happened to me, and I would submit if you concentrate hard enough on a single topic, or do this from time to time you'll be surprised what your mind can come up with, the problems you can solve, and the challenges you can meet. Okay so, let's talk about this for second shall we?

Now then, interestingly enough, this doesn't work all the time, sometimes you are half-asleep, and write something down, thinking you've solved the problem, only to read what you wrote in the middle the night the next morning and find that it looks like some sort of gibberish. In that case, I would submit to you that you need to go back to sleep, and try it again. 

Myth: College Is A Four Year Degree

As I age, I tire more easily of comments made by politicians and others who benefitted from college out of high school. I do not want to sound as if I degrade them, but in reality more like I envy them. Truth is, most of us can benefit from college starting today.

I cruised through high school. I knew I would never reach college if for no other reason than my Father could never afford the cost. What I never realized was the HOW part of getting into college. Had I known then what I know now...yep, we all heard those phrases.

My first college course came while serving the Navy overseas. College English classes contracted by the Navy. I discovered college was not all that tough. Imagine, a kid that cruised through high school finding college level work relatively within my ability, and I could afford the class (mind you I mean just A class). I strutted around like a peacock.

How Effective Is a Learning Management System

In the digital era people constantly look for simple yet instant solutions to their daily problems. So is true for learning needs as well. With innovative inventions coming up almost every day, the Learning and Development industry is evolving through dynamic changes in recent years. Thus, technology has its widespread effect on the way training was delivered so far. Nowadays, education and training is still very much being executed, not just within the classroom but in cyberspace.

With Learning Management System, participants get the same course as offered in traditional schools. However, with immediate access to internet makes E-learning more informative and exciting. Students can learn online with constant assistance from this system whilst monitoring their performance simultaneously.

How to Prepare for UPSC/IAS Exams

Civil Services Aptitude Test-

New Recruitment Process of Civil Services Exam conducted by the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) is called the CSAT or the Civil Services Aptitude Test with effect from 2011. No changes are being introduced at this stage in the Civil Services (Main) Examination and Personality Test in the scheme of Civil Services Examination (CSE).

Scheme of Civil Services Examination

The Civil Services Examination consists of two stages -

(i) Civil Services Preliminary Examination (Objective type) for the selection of candidates for the Main Examination; and

How Can BPOs Benefit by a Learning Management System

Most of the time, BPOs (Business Process Outsourcing) face major risks while outsourcing. Experts believe that a Learning Management System can offer the most effective solution. Running a BPO is not that easy; it involves a lot of challenges. The major are a severe lack of motivation in the workplace, incurring unexpected costs and security for running large-scale training programs.

With the help of a Learning Management System, you can design comprehensive and streamlines training sessions. Within this system, a large number of employees can be trained even if they are geographically dispersed. Thus, it facilitates a smooth flow in operations of outsourced projects of a company.

However, for an in-depth understanding of an efficient Learning Management System, we must figure out the key challenges faced by these outsourcing companies at the very onset. One of the most basic level issues at BPOs is the security factor of an outsourced operation. 

Why Do We Need to Understand God?

Einstein in his address at Princeton Theological Seminary, May 19, 1939 commented about religion that religion lays down clear fundamental ends and valuations and sets them fast in emotional life of an individual and thus in social life of man. The only justification for these fundamental ends is that they exist in all healthy societies as powerful traditions, and it is not necessary to find justification for their existence.

Further, Einstein in a symposium - Science, Philosophy and Religion at New York 1941 stated:

"Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind"

"What is still lacking here is a connection of profound generality but not knowledge of order itself"

Education and Training: Can They Go Hand in Hand?

Organizational employees need some form of training on and off during their entire working career to enhance better skills and performance levels. According to experts, education should go hand in hand with training as professionals need to be educated to deliver better results at the workplace.

Studies have revealed how costly it is to have poorly trained or untrained employees. Training helps a person inculcate superior understanding of the workflow processes and increases his productivity over time.

Training programs help to

· Increase productivity and performance development

· Lower server loads and bandwidth costs