Future Events

Having experienced the value of psychic transmission of messages from the wise souls who continue to assist us as teachers and guides, I am aware of the great privilege and responsibility entailed and of the great respect that is born in us when we come into contact with those of higher human stature than our own. I am therefore a little cautious and question the quality of the rash of 'spiritual transmissions' in our current mass media outlets.

I stumbled across Compte de Saint Germain's BLOG a few months ago and have now begun to assess various aspects of the messages that he has offered through a very reliable dedicated psychic channel known as Aruna. He attests to the quality and content of the messages in his name as being entirely his responsibility as he tries to convey spiritual realities through earthly means (with the usual accompanying risk of inaccuracies.)

At my first readings I found easy agreement with many of the existent factors about the bad state of the world; the need for personal and mass social realignment with humane spiritual values and the acceptance of any great geographical and cataclysmic forces that may be involved in dramatic changes to the surface of our planet. It has been forecast for many decades that we are likely to witness some of nature's cyclic dramas involving oceans and continents as well as great numbers of human casualties in the process. So this would seem a reasonable expectation in the light of present geological and scientific evidence and assessments as well as long term psychic predictions.

That times are going to be greatly changing under future circumstances and conditions is relatively easy to accept (whether it is immediate or beyond our life own spans). However that it is not only the earth that is involved in this disturbance but our great Sun and its other planetary satellites also, is more difficult to contemplate as feasible. But our astronomers already observe many dramatic events in the galaxy and it seems in our own solar system too, with eruptions and violent changes occurring on other planets than our own.

Considering that a period of is forecast because of changes to our Sun comes as a shock. We would all like to know what could cause this as we have for so long taken for granted the sun's light and our dependence upon it. I have satisfied myself that astronomers conceive that such conditions are possible under certain situations but personally conclude that there are some matters that are totally beyond our little human ego's understanding.

Should the natural large scale disruptions occur there will be terrible destruction to our beautiful natural world and all living creatures within it. Mankind is being tested to take responsibility for all his destructive actions inflicted upon natural life over millennia. It is easier for us to accept that the sins of human warfare against each other should be reprimanded and suffer but that the innocent natural kingdoms will suffer causes great sorrow to all nature lovers.

The threat that human violent action will lead to nuclear war has hovered over us for some time. This potential to destroy the planet by human action is gaining momentum as we are fast moving into a global chaos that could result in war - a war that could seal our fate and the destruction of our civilization creating negative repercussions beyond our comprehension.

What may seem immanent to us now may be repeating what seems as needless destruction experienced with the demise of every past civilization. Having held respect for Nature's laws of economy, it could be hoped that there is nothing that would warrant the material destruction, general 'composting' and following recycling enough to warrant any large scale global destruction. But I have not allowed for the extremities of human evils that we have seen inflicted upon our planet through human actions and greedy habits of modern civilization. It is we, the people who are the problem. Far from co-operating in creating and maintaining a 'garden of Eden' we have failed and to suffer a similar fate as Sodom and Gomorrah would seem justified for mass betrayal of our spiritual nature and wallowing in all that is base and evil.

It is reasonable that beyond present human culture and the human system of law that proves ineffectual in achieving true advancement of the whole human race, there is need for the superior Natural law to intervene in preserving the finest to contribute to the great evolutionary drams involving all the kingdoms of nature.

I suppose all of us have a hope that we will pull through. But recently I have not been optimistic. If the Earth itself can no longer tolerate a growing population of human beings of the present violent calibre, it is reasonable that our tenancy should be terminated.

We may have failed to demonstrate growth and improvement enough to warrant the gods giving us an extension of time. But is there any likelihood that we can change things around?

Can each of us help to turn the world back to the simple spiritual values we know in our souls as love, truth, beauty and goodness?

Elizabeth S. Adams is known for her published "Forgotten Dreams - a collection of Poetry" with additional interests that extend to Astrology,Astronomy and mystical subjects that help us understand who we are and our place in the Universe. There is a great need for individual self confidence, preservation of universal spiritual codes and qualities and above all, our faith held in the abiding Universal Intelligence that commands the whole.
Astrology when applied to self understanding of our personality and deeper soul potentials is a great practical starting point. The human psyche includes psychic faculties and spiritual qualities.
We also need assistance to unveil the special inner talents of our soul so we feel confident to offer our contribution to the world. Astrology is such an aid.

Article Source: Elizabeth S. Adams

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