President Obama Called for a Strategy

A strong commitment to the development of alternative energy has been made by President Barack Obama. In a recent radio address, the President called for a strategy "that relies less on foreign oil and more on American made energy". These renewable energy sources, which include solar and wind power, will not only help wean the United States. from fossil fuels, but create thousands of new American jobs. Solar training of these workers will be an important part in expanding alternative energy sources.

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is a volunteer organization that is also committed to the continued development of renewable energy. It is comprised of members dedicated to this issue, including policy makers, educational organizations and clean energy industries. Its commitment includes the establishment of NABCEP certification standards of programs offered to those interested in this rapidly expanding field. 

These standards are used in many different training programs, including those offered by the Solar Training Institute. Equally important is the objective of the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) to promote renewable energy systems, the skills and safety of those who work in the industry and confidence in the consumers of new energy products.

The NABCEP certified entry level program should be of interest to anyone from the student or graduate level to an established worker seeking a career change. NABCEP certification is offered to those who will be employed in the installation of solar heating, small wind and photo voltaic (PV) systems, as well as in Photo voltaic technical sales. NABCEP certification standards have been designed in accordance with professional guidelines in order to instill basic knowledge in the application, design, installation and operation of renewable energy systems. Those who complete the courses will then be eligible for an NABCEP exam.

As the market in renewable energy expands, those who have completed the course work may discover how their training has enhanced their employment opportunities in the field. This would have been made possible by an NABCEP program that is built on fair and non-discriminatory practices. President Barack Obama has made it clear that the United States possesses only two percent of the world's oil reserves, and the only way to guarantee energy independence is through the expansion of renewable energy. Consider being a part of this new industry through North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) - certified solar training.

Fida Hossain is an Entrepreneur, having founded E2Logicx SOLAR, American Institute of Renewable Energy Inc.,, E2Logicx Corp, and Fida Development Corp. Now he has more than 20 years of business management, supply chain and manufacturing technology, process re-engineering, strategic planning, client relations, sales, marketing experience and Solar Training

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